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Some short poems...

9 Times Out Of 10

It was fate that brought us together,
We were in love so very much,
You said you'd always be there for me,
With your tender loving touch.

I thought our love was forever,
But every now and then,
You only really loved me,
Nine times out of ten.

I couldn't help but notice,
The way you looked at her,
You said you'd always be faithful,
But I guess you never were.

I wished that you hadn't left,
Because it hurt me so to see,
All your love going to a girl,
And the girl not being me.

I guess I should have realised,
All the lies you said,
And then I would have saved myself,
From all the tears I shed.

My Angel

In the evening as the world turns grey,
My sadness comes, then fades away,
I'm reminded of what was said to me,
But my love for him has set me free.
It washed my hurt, my pain, my fear,
He took it all and left me here.
I look up at the first star I see,
Which reminds me of his love for me.
I gave him my life so for now I have nothing.
But I stay alive for I will always know,
There is a place in heaven for my soul.

To Someone Special

I sit here on this cold night
There's one bright star in the sky,
I wish I could find happiness,
But all I can do is cry.

There's memories of you in my head
There's loneliness in my heart,
I wish my life wasn't so hard
And that we weren't so far apart.

I miss that fire in your eyes
I miss the way you smile,
You took away that empty feeling
And made every day worthwhile.

I love you so much that it hurts
With all my heart I do,
And more than anything in this world
I hope you love me too.

I Wish

I wish I was a daisy
Moving slowly in the breeze,
I wish I was the wind
High above the trees.
I wish I was the clouds
Floating in the sky,
I wish I was the leaves
On the branches moving by.
I wish I was an angel
That God sent from above,
I wish I was a flower,
So people would fall in love.

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