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Heidi's Webpage

Welcome to my web site!

What's New?

A new page has been added to my site and it is called 'My Virtual Pets'.

The Website Reviews section is to be updated every month with two extra sites being added soon.

Also, if anyone knows how to cut and paste such things as a guestbook onto this site please email me:

Thanks alot,
Heidi =o)

Welcome to my very own website on the net. Please feel free to browse through my diverse range of pages and check back often to see if anything has been updated.

I haven't got a guestbook as yet because I am still figuring out how to copy it on. If you know how or if you feel you want to send me a question/comment please go to my contact page for all my details.

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Above is an animated picture of me. Enjoy!